JamiLee , born Jamie Lee White, is a multi-talented artist, lyricist, and producer taking the entertainment industry by storm. Specializing in studio production and live sound, JamiLee has an uncommon skill, drive, and versatility that are bringing him both renown and demand.

JamiLee is an Emmy Award nominee for coproduction of a commercial for Huckleberry House, a teen shelter in Columbus, Ohio. He engineered a radio spot for national recording artist and Grammy Award winner John Legend, to encourage people to vote in the upcoming election. JamiLee has also worked on productions for the ADDY Awards as well as various corporations, nonprofits, artists, and events.

While JamiLee has been privileged to work on large scale projects, he is also committed to assisting others with studio production, and other services. Those who have hired JamiLee are able to glean from his experience and expertise, and thus avoid many of the hurdles that come with a career in the entertainment industry. His link to the local artist niche is JamiLee's way of blazing a trail for their future.
JamiLee earned his Associate's degree in Music Management and Production and is pursuing his Bachelor degree in Business Administration. He currently works for Brainstorm Media as Audio Specialist and Freelance Production Assistant. A well-rounded individual with a strong work ethic, JamiLee is known for getting things done and doing them well. With an innate talent and insuppressible passion for all things music, JamiLee is a rising star sure to reach his destiny and to help others do the same. For more information on JamiLee, please 
email: management@jamileeent.com 
Testimonial(s) / Bonus Material
​He has arguably the best studio in Columbus at his disposal, so it's not surprising that he can put together a quality track.                     -royalcolumbus.com